Medium: PC, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
For: Carbine Studios.
My contributions: Game Designer


As a designer on WildStar, I was often tasked with being a problem solver. One of the major design goals for WildStar was to assess the current state of its systems and note improvements all around. This includes things like quality-of-life, player facing improvements; as well as internal systems to improve both performance and process. Having a highly technical and mechanical background, this is where I fall in.

I was the domain owner for the tutorial system of WildStar, an event driven system that flashes small or large pop-ups to the player, conveying information. Implementing tutorials is a complex process that requires both art and engineering involvement, due to the way the Tutorial system was originally designed. I was originally brought on board to create tutorials, but was eventually given the system to help improve the quality of the process and to help convey to engineering exactly what the needs are for each tutorial.

Systems that I was also responsible for are the Holo-wardrobe system, as well as the Guild social system. The holo-wardrobe system is the system in which players are able to store their armor sets across their account, and apply looks or other costumes to their character, as well as adjusting the color (“dyeing”) of each outfit. I am responsible for creating and setting the prices for each dye, as well as working with art to create armor sets and costumes.

The Guild system is the typical guild system seen in most MMOs, where like-minded players with similar interests are able to talk to each other on a dedicated chat channel.

I also did design work for microtransactions and in-store purchases. Because of my ability to keep track and work safely with large amounts of data, I was brought on board late in the process to make sure our store was populated correctly. I also created items for sale in the store, such as costumes and new mounts.

I was a vital asset for The Revamped New Player Experience. In transitioning from a subscription-based game to a free-to-play game, I was tasked in helping create an experience for new and returning players. This included content creation of new quests and tutorials. I also identified issues with current players and making sure they were not lost while in the original new player experience.

There was also design work that I did that was non-player facing, but generally valuable to Carbine and WildStar as a whole. I wrote design specs for redoing how designers create new actions and spells in WildStar (sample below), as well as faction transfers (sample below). I also helped overhaul the designer pipeline to help localization identify groups of content. I also helped establish metrics for tracking and analysis.

Spell System Rework Sample 1 Spell System Rework Sample 2
Faction Transfers Sample 1 Faction Transfers Sample 2