RETCON Scripting Library

Medium: Ruby / RPGMaker VX Ace.
Premise: Develop a scripting library that users of RPGMaker VX can plug and play into whatever games they develop.

Over the course of Christmas break, Steam had a flash sale for the program. Remembering my fondness for RPGMaker, I hastily purchased it. Realizing my folly soon afterwards, I decided to try and get something out of it. I picked up Ruby, the program’s scripting language, and developed a series of scripts for the programs that users can plug-in and customize for their games.

The RETCON Scripting Library so far:

Interprets the monster database and displays them in a window. The user defines how he wants the information displayed.

draw_text Word Wrap Fix:
Possibly a bug, possibly bad programming; when drawing a text box, if the text hits the maximum width, the text will shrink rather than wrap around to the next line. This script fixes it so text wraps around if there is enough height to do so.

Adds a journal database as defined by the user to the game.

Sound Test:
Displays a sound test as defined by the user.