System Shock

Medium: PC.
For: Night Dive Studios.
My contributions: Systems Designer.

I finished doing contract work for Night Dive Studios on their System Shock Reboot in Unreal 4. I was building and maintaining documentation for in-game systems, as well as presenting and pitching those systems to all relevant stakeholders. As Night Dive is a very small team, I pushed my design skills to the limit by working on combat, enemy AI states, as well as working out other gameplay designs like hacking and cameras. The role has required me to assume many hats and shift my focus constantly, and I am enjoying the opportunity.

The first sample documentation is for the Cyborg Commander, the player’s first boss fight (the concept art featured on this page). The other sample documentation is for Hacking, a vital skill in the player’s arsenal which will be used throughout the game.

Below you can find the hype video, which include more of my contributions, such as the pipe and sparq gun.