Medium: PC Game, made in the Havok Trinigy Engine
For: Schoolwork – Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.
My contributions: Gameplay Designer, Scripter.

Premise: Action-adventure meets puzzle in a world without light. The shadow realm has invaded and infected the world with a sinewy darkness, eliminating all light. The only hope now rests with a young abbess who must take a runic torch with a magical flame to a lighthouse; which will banish the darkness to whence it came. However, the creatures of the shadow realm are trying to stop her progress at every turn and will do whatever it takes to prevent her from getting to the lighthouse.

The capstone project for grad school, Scarfell’s idea came about when the team wanted something more fantasy-based, but not seeking to relive the typical fantasy tropes. This lead us to agree that we were more interested in making the game stand out. As such, brainstorming sessions lead to design decisions like a female lead character, communicating info to the player without UI, and designing enemy behaviors unique to the metrics of each individual player.

2012 Independent Games Festival participant.
Read the postmortem here!

Gameplay Designer: Created core game mechanic (torch as weapon + light source), developed enemy encounter scenarios that the player faces using the Scarfell-specific tool “FAIT”, an AI-director/monitor created and used in conjunction with the Havok Trinigy Engine, used to monitor the player and have the AI react accordingly.

Scripter: Worked in Lua to set enemy behavior patterns and pathing.