Misc Prototypes & Level Designs


Medium: PC Game, made in Unreal.
Premise: Tutorial for a first person shooter.

Standing for Unreal Development Kit Bot Generation Facility, this is a simple tutorial wherein the player assumes a standard bot generated in the Unreal Development Kit.


Forklift Frenzy

Medium: Flash Game
Premise: Simple head-to-head game to collect and deliver the most boxes in a department store.
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Hall-of-Fame recipient.

Using a specially developed tool, our team was able to churn out over seventy stages in a week.


Monster Mash

Medium: PC Game, made in Unity.
Premise: Head-to-head game where players stomp on Dance Dance Revolution Pads and use Wiimotes to try and destroy a skyscraper as fast as they can while hampering their opponent.
Won an award for “Most Innovative use of Peripherals”.

The DDR pads are used to destroy a block of a building. The wiimote is used to use a power-up you earn.